Bella Blu – New York, Manhattan UES


PHONE: 212.988.4624

RATING: ✭✭✭✭✭

If not my ultimate favorite, Bella Blu is one of my favorite restaurants, in the city. Although the crowd is pretty WASPy (and the policies are too – only delivery within a 2 block radius of their 70th location), they can definitely whip up some of the best gnocchi and penne alle vodka (my two fave Italian dishes) in New York. The service, on a good night, is super speedy and  is usually filled with quiet-ish middle aged millionaire couples who like to keep to themselves. I have been here a few times and each time have left with a full stomach and fond memories. In addition to the pastas, I highly recommend the seasonal sorbets – I had the lychee and melon last time. Bella Blu also offers delectable brick oven thin-crust pizzas, a wide variety of salads and main courses of fish or poultry depending on the season. While the tab is pretty pricy – from $60-120 for a meal for two (changing for lunch or dinner) – I definitely recommend the food.


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