Equinox Spa – New York, Manhattan UES


PHONE: 212.249.3917


Being a girl with major back and general bone problems, I have been blessed with the burden of expensive massages since I was about 8-years-old. At the beginning of this school year, I purchased a massage package consisting of 6 treatments for a little more than $500 and have had a relatively good time during the past 4 appointments. Before I begin, I should add that before going to Equinox for my massages, I frequented at the Aveda Salon on 86th street between 2nd and 3rd until they discontinued their spa services and was always given an amazing deep tissue massage with followup feedback, aromatherapy, a dark and warm room and complete relaxation. At the beginning of each appointment, I was directed to change in a open changing room into one of their large and comfy robes and shower shoes and then led into the super cool waiting room stocked with orange flavored water and various treats from a popular café Alice’s Tea Party. After about 15 minutes of waiting – I’m assuming this is a normal occurrence as the room is scattered with various lifestyle magazines – my masseuse, Yuri, arrived and took me into one of their many treatment rooms where he instructed me to climb out of my robe and onto the table. One thing I benefited from the treatment is that they explain in full detail what is going on with your body and what they are going to do to fix it. However, while this aspect might be intellectually fulfilling and interesting, I also found it slightly irritating as I was unable to fully relax – or sleep, which I love to do during massages – and was instead constricted to discussing my muscles and various problems with my masseuse while I lay there naked on the table. Additionally, the lighting was quite bright for a massage and the room was on high AC and my bed not heated making it super freezing throughout the whole duration. Overall, while Yuri, my Russian masseuse who seemed as if he had walked out from a Nabokov novel, dug well into my twisted muscles and satisfied my aches for the maximum length that a massage can satiate, my lack of relaxation made my trip more of a learning expedition rather than a retreat.


  • Very communicative with the client
  • Good pressure
  • Constant feedback about muscle status


  • Too much talking
  • Bright lighting
  • Cold atmosphere

Overall Recommendation:

If you’re a health junkie (like my mom) and prefer to know what is being done to you, then definitely hit Equinox up, but if you prefer a more relaxing treatment, then you should probably pass.


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